Hello, I’m Alice.

The colors for me have always been the best way to express myself and my emotions.

I decided to pursue an artistic path already in high school, enrolling at the Art Institute of Pavia, which led me to become more conscious of what kind of art I wanted to do. After that, I’ve attended the BCM, the Beauty Centre of Milan (in the year 2012-2013) that reinforced my passion, evolving it in an actual profession.

After my graduation in BCM, I’ve acquired experience, starting as Assistant Makeup Artist and, after that, on my own, collaborating with photographers for advertising campaigns, magazines and with directors, in video clips and movies; one of those is Shanda’s River, an awarded independent horror movie.

I put my passion in the professional/artistic field but also in retail and public relations. Indeed I currently work also as Makeup Artist and Beauty Consultant in the stores for several cosmetic brands like Frais Monde, L’Oreal, PuroBIO Cosmetics, Finis Terre and Helan.

The connection with customers led me to develop a sensibility about the relationship clients have with beauty and self-care, which transformed my concept of makeup into the mean to make people feel more confident about their beauty and uniqueness.

The most rewarding feeling in my job is seeing the surprise in the eyes of the people when they look in the mirror and see a different and enhanced version of themselves.

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