As a child I’ve always loved colors, using them as a vehicle to express my emotions, so at 14 I began my training at the Istituto d’Arte Michelangelo di Pavia, where I became more conscious of my drive for makeup as a form of art. Attending BCM, the prestigious Makeup Academy of Milan, in 2012-13, reinforced my passion for this job.

After graduating from the academy I collaborated with photographers and did makeup – first as assistant, then independently – for important brands and magazines like Armani, Vogue, Nespresso, Sky, Pirelli, Cosmopolitan, Breil, Diadora, Cavallaro Napoli, YNot?, NalĂ­ and many others.

Now I work as Makeup Artist and Seller for Frais Monde, L’Oreal, PuroBIO Cosmetics and Finis Terre in stores and pharmacies.